LivingBrooks Model Academy

Livingbrooks Model Academy Started on April 25th, 2016 with One (1) pupil, but has over sixty –two persons in attendance presently. Have staff strength of Fifteen (15) committed and qualified personnel. Our approach integrates primary education and primary care, effectively braiding together education, health, moral values, skill enhancement and family support services starting at birth. Our concept in Living brooks Model Academy redefines the traditional definition of “school” in order to prepare all children in respect to their individual uniqueness to succeed in college, career, and life. Our school service model is designed to support the development of the whole child. Our strong believe is that when children are opportune and have the right learning experiences relative to the environment, daily realities and value system, it will definitely shape the destiny of that child. Such a child would have a positive relevance to the entire society and would be productive which ultimately defines our goal. At Living brooks Model Academy, our dedicated team ensures that our concept of school where the child’s moral and health is as important as the academics is rightly infused to prepare the child for a fulfilled life.


To provide a holistic learning environment for a child’s well- being, academic and life success by nurturing them to be independent life-longlearners with sound moral values who are respectful and responsible, and who rise to the challenges of life creatively and enthusiastically in an ever-changing world.


..raising the total child, nurturing the productive adult.

Core Values

Our values represent a set of fundamental beliefs about how we should operate that dictate our daily behavior and the decisions we make, as an organization and as individual employees. We also seek to jointly promote these values with our children and families. The following under listed are: 

  • 1. Excellence 
  • 2. Responsibility 
  • 3. Growth 
  • 4. Care 
  • 5. Uniqueness 
  •  6. Integrity 
  • 7. Respect 

Our Objectives

To offer quality, academic education to pupils in a supportive and understanding environment.

  • To provide an atmosphere of trust between pupils, teachers, staff and parents
  • To provide a wide variety of stimulating learning experiences, allowing students to acquire the concepts, skills and attitudes necessary to develop their full individual potential
  • To develop self-esteem and a sense of respect for pupils, teachers and parents
  • To quality in delivery and relevant curriculum development as required periodically.
  • To have committed, experienced and qualified staff with passion for child development.
  • To integrate the school in an environment that is supportive both intellectually and materially with well equipped facilities

Our Educational Scop

  • Creche
  • Preschool
  • Nursery
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • After School

A cross section of the school with The Proprietress

Cross Section Of Teachers


  • ACADEMIC: Children are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets they need to succeed in academic environments. They will graduate high school on time, excel in the top colleges in the country, and go on to pursue careers of their choice that are both economically sustainable and professionally fulfilling.
  • HEALTH: Children are physically, mentally, and emotionally
    healthy. They have built the biological foundations for lifelong
    health as well as the tools, behaviors, and knowledge to remain healthy over the course of their lives.
  • MORAL VALUES: Children go on to live meaningful lives. They
    are happy, have positive relationships with others (in their
    community and beyond), become leaders, live out their passions and curiosities, and give back to the world.

We prioritize all three areas, as each is critical for life success and happiness and they are mutually reinforcing. It’s our affirmed believe that by integrating the various touch points for children basic fundamental (both early childhood and primary education), and family—in a holistic manner, our children can be primed for success in school and life


The dynamic curriculum known as the ACCELERATED CHRISTIAN EDUCATION, which builds the child’s moral value system with a strong spiritual foundation, academics inclusive is what the school uses at present


Our approach is built on five (5) principles as follows;

  • EXPAND: We go beyond the boundaries of traditional school.
    School begins at quite a tender age after birth with full-day, full-time early childhood education, which provides health care services to address a child’s health needs, and creates strong partnerships with parents.
  • INTEGRATE: We seek to optimize a child’s educational outcomes. We recognize the interrelatedness of a child’s needs and goals, and ensure the approach to support them is  cohesive.
  • PERSONALIZE: We provide care and support to each child’s
    needs and choices. We seek to deeply understand the needs of each child and family, and work with families to devise a customized plan of support that has the greatest chance of success.
  • BUILD and LEVERAGE: We build and leverage on the strength of relevant support systems in our society to create an environment of belonging and growth that allows all children to excel as students and adults.
  • EMPOWER: All families want the best for their children and bring
    tremendous assets to their parenting. We believe our model will be more effective and sustainable if we help activate families, and eventually children, to take charge of their educational and career goals.

Facilities & Amenities

  • Play Equipment’s – To ensure a very relaxed and recreational environment for our children, the management of the school provided play equipment’s for the children and with intentions for upgrade as necessary.
  • School Bus Service – For ease of transportation, for the child and for busy parents, there is a bus shuttle service for our pupils in need of that service.
  • Permanent Site – The school is also working on moving the institution to the permanent site with state of the art design of quality infrastructure for the school system.
  • Security & Safety – Safety of our children is paramount, therefore our premises is proper fenced and security personnel at work.
  • Health Care – Our school works with designated health care service providers to ensure that prompt attention is administered where health care is concerned.
  • Ambience & Hygienic Environment – The children are exposed the clean environment which teaches them the importance of clean environment and of course they also stand to enjoy the benefits also.
  • After – School – A safe environment for stay after school for children whose parents do not come exactly after school hours.

Our Permanent Site In Progress.

Extra – Curricular Activities

The school offers pupil the opportunity to learn and acquire skills in related school activities such as;

  • Music Classes
  • Home Economics Classes
  • Computer Classes
  • Career Exhibition
  • Cultural Exhibition
  • Excursions and Tour to notable and event places

Cultural Day

Career Day

Cultural Day

Cultural Day

Career Day

Our school community comprises;

  • The Board of Trustees
  • The Management of the School
  • The Parents Teachers Association
  • Teachers
  • Non-Teaching Personnel
  • The Pupils/Children

The Board of Trustees

Livingbrooks Model Academy has qualified and capable personality with wealth of experience serve in the board of trustees. Their passion
for educational development brought them on board to make professional inputs for the growth of the school. We have the following
persons on board –

  • a. Jim Pwavidon Jackson Bent has a B.Sc, Honours Biological Sciences from the Nigerian Defence Academy and a Master of Business Leadership (MBL), from the Graduate School of Business, at the University of South Africa (UNISA). He is an adept security consultant and Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants and a certified drone pilot (RPL). He also has a strong desire of assisting young Africans to developing into successful leaders and entrepreneurs with a trans-generational outlook who will learn from the mistakes of the past as well as compete favorably with their peers on the global stage.
  • Rev. (Dr.) Barnabas Arastus Nyawebowe is a graduate of School of End Time Ministerial Anointing (S.E.T.M.A) where he was celebrated as the best in Homiletics. A graduate of NIIT where he bagged DNIIT HONORS in Software Engineering, has an European Business Competence Licence (Levels A and B) a Doctor of Philosophy in Strategic Foresight from DOXA a Leadership Theological Institute. He once served as the Chairman of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Kaduna North LGA and he is currently the North West Director of HOUSE ON THE ROCK CHURCHES, Nigeria. Barnabas is an ordained Minister of THE ROCK FOUNDATION, a Presbyter as well as the Resident Pastor of HOUSE ON THE ROCK, THE MISSION HOUSE in Kaduna with its Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Akoh, Gabriel Sule has a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from ATBU, Bauchi, in 1994 and a Masters in Computer Science from Northcentral University, San Diego, USA. He is the president and founder of Nimi Systems Limited, with headqurters in Port Harcourt, south-south Nigeria, in West Africa, He is passionate about education and child.
  • Lydia Levi is the founder and proprietress of Livingbrooks Model Academy. He studied History and International Studies from Lagos State University, a post graduate diploma from University of Ilorin, and is presently undergoing a Master’s program (M.Ed) in Educational Admin And planning. She is a social entrepreneur and the CEO/DIRECTOR Conadel Global Services Ltd.Lydia Levi is passionate about child development and is committed to ensure that the institution produces the ideal children who will become leaders in our society

Special Project

Our primary goal is to ensure we raise the total child that will become a productive adult in the society. In pursuit of that, we have a flagship program with emphasizes on developing the feminine gender which is the girl child developmental concept. It focuses on empowering and exposing the girl child at different stages of growth, the idea is to help build capacity in the girl child with the relevant knowledge morally,
spiritually, financially and otherwise which positions them as the ideal woman in the society, rather than get involved in negative vices such as early child birth (unwanted pregnancy), prostitution, etc. The strategy is to have well-groomed women in the society play vital roles in the various sector who go through a proper growth process.